About the artist

Linda Mulloy has her studio in Westport, on the West Coast of Ireland. She is a contemporary glass artist specialising in sculptural pieces and architectural glass for domestic and commercial commissions.
Sculptural pieces are kilnformed and rely on the play of light between the differing layers of glass. Emphasis is placed on the difference between the thin and fragile with the more solid and vigorous shapes, not only in form but in colour and transparency, ranging from clarity to obscure and opaque.
Concepts such as compassion, rejection, the open hand, the closeness of lovers, bodies seated together, the unspoken connection and reaction between people are the fuel that has launched current three dimensional work.
Flat glass pieces are quite different. They are either fused glass, or fused glass combined with stained glass. The images are largely strong bold abstracts with themes of streetscapes, buildings, landscapes and machinery. Linda’s desire would be to make people smile when they see these pieces, at the juxtaposition of colour or form or just the playfulness of the imaginings.
About inspiration she says, “My inspiration comes from my desire to create. The glass itself evokes this and gives a starting point for the final form that my artistic expression takes.”