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Check below to see if you would be any good at stained or fused glass:

                                                                                                         1 for 'yes'.
                                                                                                          2 for 'maybe'/'sort of'.
                                                                                                          3 for 'no'.

        1)  Do you enjoy learning with other people?                            1 for 'yes', 2 for 'maybe', 3 for 'no'.        

         2) Are you happy doing things with your hands?   

        3)  Do you notice colour?

         4) Did you notice the stained glass in the church when you were little?

         5) Do you knit/draw/sew/carpent (ok...whats the noun from carpentery then?)paint?

         6) Do some colours or colour combinations make you feel good?

         7) Did you ever want to know how stained glass was made?

         8) Have you ever dreampt of re-skilling professionally or just for fun?

         9) Can you get away for a weekend?

'd be good. You'd be fast to learn and confident.
         16-20 .it would take you longer to learn but it would make real sense to you.
         21-23 ..You wouldn't commit lightly to learning this skill, but you'd manage.
         24- 27..You're probably not the least interested!!

         Send me your score if you might consider the idea of doing a course and you'd like to be put on my email list.
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