Detail of 'Boat'. Two 1100 x 500 mm installed panels.  
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Glass Holidays Suggestions.
If you are interested in a new activity what is better than broadening your knowledge by having a look at what other people have done?.
I am giving you suggestions about your  holiday that will include glass but there are lots of ordinary activities suggested.

These are only suggestions. I only provide the glass course and the more than that!
In brief:
1) To Newport (7miles) and see the Harry Clarke windows in the church on the hill, look at the stained and fused glass in the windows of the Mahon's bar in the
Clew Bay hotel on James St, Westport. and find some Irish music in the evening.
2)Climb Croagh Patrick and have hot chocolate in Cambells pub afterwards.
3)Go out into Clew Bay on Tom Kings boat and see all the islands. (  0876066146)
4)Go to Cong (43km) for a stunning close up view of some Harry Clarke glass (it's installed at eye level and fascinating) and walk by the river in Cong, find the
failed canal there and then tea in Ashford Castle? You could continue on to find the Evie Hone (Famous Irish Abstract artist ) stained glass in Kilmilkin in the
Maam valley.
5) When the sun shines, take a picnic and go for a swim at Silver Strand or Berta Beach.
6) If it rains go to the Country Life Museum outside Castlebar. It looks boring, but is totally  absorbing.
7) Do you surf? Then you probably know where all the secret surfing spots are then. Less secret ones; Enniscrone, Lecanvy.
8) Drive onto Achill island, have a look at Liam Kelly's bog wood sculptures (  and go to the Chalet Seafood restaurant out in Keel. (098 43157)
9) Hire bikes and cycle to Mulranny along the Greenway cycle and walking path, and have tea in the Mulranny  hotel overlooking the bay... marvel at the view.